Who are we?

We are an automation and security product provider in the Australian market. We offer automation and security product that is built with leading technologies in the automation and security industry and bring to you the world’s finest luxury next-generation products at the lowest price possible.

Why should I shop with you?

We guarantee the lowest price and provide free support. We guarantee you absolutely hassle-free and worry-free shopping experience with us. Please also feel free to shop around to other places. We are confident that after experiencing our comprehensive and friendly website and our customer service, you will come back.

Why should I choose fingerprint technology?

Fingerprint technology is the most proven segment in the Biometrics Industry today. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and reliable. You can use fingerprint technology in your home and your business. Utilized in fingerprint lock, the technology is very easy to use, and you don’t need an engineering degree to make it work.

Can I install the lock by myself?

Yes, all of our product can be installed by you. Just follow the instructions in the installation video. You don’t need any previous experience. Or you can hire experts to install it for you.